Are you at risk of Hepatitis C

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    • Hepatitis C does not unfold with contact or kiss.


    • It spreads by blood or unsafe intercourse.


    • Use of equipments that aren’t sterile could unfold the virus.


    • Contact your physician to get your self examined for hepatitis C.


Hepatitis C is a liver illness brought on by the hepatitis C virus. The hepatitis C an infection can vary from delicate sickness lasting just a few weeks to a lifetime. The hepatitis C virus is a blood borne virus that will get mostly transmitted to others by unsafe practices.

hepatitis C

A number of folks with continual hepatitis C an infection later develop liver cirrhosis or liver most cancers. Though antiviral medicines assist folks with hepatitis C, there’s nonetheless no vaccine out there for the situation.


Most individuals contaminated with hepatitis C virus do not present any signigicant indicators or signs for a number of years. However, even when there aren’t any vital signs, an individual with hepatitis C virus could develop liver harm and go the virus to others. Round one in 4 individuals who get contaminated with hepatitis C often eliminate the virus naturally. Nonetheless, others could carry the an infection for a very long time. After some years they could even develop extreme liver harm, cirrhosis. In some circumstances, cirrhosis can result in liver most cancers or liver failure.

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How am I in danger for hepatitis C?

Since hepatitis C is a blood borne virus, it’s primarily unfold by contact with the blood of an individual who has hepatitis C. Alternatively you possibly can’t catch it by on a regular basis contact reminiscent of touching or kissing, or by sharing plates, cups or kitchen utensils. Hepatitis C may be handed on by sharing gear for injecting medicine.

Even blood transfusion finished a number of years in the past may unfold hepatitis C nonetheless now all blood is screened for hepatitis C. In uncommon circumstances, hepatitis C may also be handed from a mom with hepatitis C to her child, earlier than or throughout the delivery, by unprotected intercourse with somebody who has the virus, by having a tattoo or piercing or acupuncture with gear that isn’t sterile. Even medical or dental procedures can unfold hepatitis C if the equipments should not sterilized correctly. Sharing razors or toothbrushes which have been contaminated with blood can even put you in danger for hepatitis C. Contact your physician for those who assume you could possibly have been involved with the virus.

What to do?

Get your self examined and handled. Greater than half of the folks contaminated with hepatitis C are handled by medicine programs. When you have the virus, cease ingesting alcohol to scale back the harm to your liver. Don’t inject medicine and make sure the equipments have been sterilized earlier than getting a tattoo or piercing. For those who, or your sexual companion, have hepatitis C, at all times use confoms throughout intercourse. Don’t share razors or tooth brushes as they may have blood on them.

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