How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

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Are you desirous to get pregnant with a child boy? In earlier days, you’d simply have to attend with retaining your fingers crossed, however, not anymore! There are some protected strategies that may enable you to make higher possibilities of conceiving with a child boy. Among the methods could be simply wives’ tales, however what have you ever bought to lose? Getting pregnant with a boy is straightforward, in the event you precisely know what you might be doing.

Listed below are a few of the straightforward methods:

pH stage

The pH stage of girls’s vagina can vastly affect the gender of your child. Low PH stage i.e. an alkaline setting, favors the infant boy.  It is because, ‘male’ sperms are speedy however not sturdy sufficient to outlive in acidic setting. Alkaline setting is pleasant for these sperms as they start to die shortly, after they attain vaginal monitor. Alkaline pH stage additionally promotes a skinny line across the cervix that assist the male sperm to shortly get to egg and fertilize them. Lemon and watermelon are the very best meals to advertise and preserve alkaline stage in your physique.


Having an orgasm makes the vagina extra alkaline, which favors ‘male’ sperm, and causes contractions to hurry up the motion of the sperm to the awaiting egg. These components favor the quicker male sperm reaching the egg earlier than the ‘feminine’ sperm. So, good foreplay and love-making goes a good distance that can assist you get pregnant with a boy.


One other methodology to extend your possibilities to conceive a boy, is to have intercourse simply earlier than you ovulate. ‘Male’ sperm can solely survive for two to three days, whereas the ‘feminine’ sperm can reside for five to six days. In response to a research, prior are speedy however weak and the later are sluggish however sturdy. So now that we all know that ‘male’ sperm don’t last more, you could ensure to have intercourse as near your ovulation as potential. ‘Feminine’ sperms are stronger and slower sperms and they simply cling on and await egg. Chorus from intercourse four to five days earlier than your ovulation.

So, maintain monitor of your menstrual cycle and be attentive to the indicators of ovulation.  Ladies, who’ve menstrual cycle of 28 days largely ovulate on the 14 day. In case your menstrual cycle will not be common then different cues can be utilized to know your ovulation date for example, basal physique temperature and cervical mucus.

Sexual Place

Sexual positions that entail deep penetration optimize the prospect of conceiving a child boy. The nearer you possibly can drop sperms to cervix, simpler it will get for male sperm to achieve the egg first.


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